Disposable Futures


Name Price Description
Flatfold furniture Couch: $500 Light memory plastic furniture that snaps together like a jigsaw. When complete a slight current expands the plastic making it softer and comfortable.
Chair: $200
Table: $100
Sleeping bag $20 Lightweight. Good down to -140F, compress to a 12”*6”*4” wad.
Sleep mat $20 Memory plastic sleeping mat designed for comfort and insulation. Small electric current causes it to expand, switching it off causes it to contract and compress to about the size of a packet of cigarettes.
Gas mask $200 Goggles/filter mask designed to protect against airborne toxins
Cleaning remote $300 Simple remotes operated by wall plugged expert system. Sweeps, dusts, picks up things and puts them on a top tray. Not smart.
Moving cube $200 Now trolleys really do have minds of their own. Will follow a tracker in your pocket if you stay within 20m
Appliance mod $500 Self contained appliance module, about the size of 2 large milk crates stacked on top of each other. Contains fridge, microwave, and storage area. Can be plugged in or 4 hours of battery life (solar rechargeable)


Manufactured on site in micro factories in almost all cases. You pick he design they make it while you wait. Major designers sell exclusive designs to certain shops for high prices, most stores buy from the vast bank of public ones for sale.

Name Base Cost x Quality x Designer
Pants/skirt $25 Low(1) Generic(1)
Dress/suit $80 Average(2) Name Brand (levis) (2)
Jacket or coat $50 Exceptional (3) Name Designer (3)
Top or shirt $20 Excellent (4) Exclusive (4)
Armoured clothing (AR1) $100 Must be at least Average quality. Determines difficulty to notice armour (15-30)
Armoured clothing (AR2) $150 Must be at least Exceptional quality. Determines difficulty to notice armour (10-25)

Disposable Futures

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