Name Price Description
Pizza Varies Small is $6, Huge (10 people) is $16. Extra toppings $1 each.
Light autopistol $100 Cheap plastic frame in numerous styles.
Med autopistol $300 Very common particularly as a police / security sidearm. Often practical models but there are still tacky plastic coatings in all manner of guises.
Heavy autopistol $500 Used to be extremely common due to prevalence of body armour, many forces are now scaling back to smaller calibres.
Very heavy autopistol $800 Used by CorpSec, Morgan Blackhand and other people who don’t want to mess around. Now illegal for personal use.
Light machine pistol $450 Pocket machine gun used by street thugs
Medium machine pistol $800 Often deployed with guards and BuReloc.
Heavy SMG $1000 Based on the MPK11 the frame can be modified into different forms.
Assault rifle $1,200 Caseless rifle with semi auto and full auto capacity.
Pulse rifle $3,00 The ‘Borg Buster. Will kill electronics and nervous systems at close range. Will knock unconscious scanners and wizards
Genius gun Genius: $2,000 The 2027 equivalent of a smartgun. Lock the target point in the direction and pull the trigger. The round has its own thrusters and a tracking system. Capable of following its opponent round corners and containing an explosive warhead. They can have numerous other features such as security and display HUDs. Only problem is that you are at the mercy of the round. Chance to hit: Genius = 40%, Super Genius = 50% and Einstein =60% chance of hit. Note if it misses it will try again the following turn.
SuperGeni: $3,000
Einstein: $5,000
Tazer $50 Very common melee tazer. Fully legal for self defence.
“Pocket” Tazer $50 Compact version of the above, advertised for pockets / purses.
Tazer pistol $100 Pistol sized ranged taser: fletchettes on a length of wire.
Microwave pistol $200 Burst of microwaves that causes burns and can interfere with electronics.
Capacitor Laser “pistol” $6,000 Smaller lighter version of the laser cannon. Very hard to come by and despite its name not all that small. (carbine sized)
Battleglove $1,200 Large gauntlet that covers the hand and forearm, can store any standard cyberarm option
Monoknife $600 Knife size monoblade. Illegal and hard to get now.
Monokatana $1000 Ever popular since 2020 – illegal as all hell and hard to get. This has turned them into “heirloom” type artefacts for a lot of streetfighter clubs.
Scramblers $100 The 2027 equivalent of chaffs and flares. Used to confuse genius gun rounds. Ten in a pack, 1 use each.
Striptape binders $20 One use plastic handcuffs sold in boxes of 12
Body Armour AR3: $300 Kevlar and plastic “soft” or flexible armour. This stuff is all obvious armoured gear, you can’t hide it. For clothing design purposes, these prices are for Average quality, generic brand armour.
AR5: $500
AR6: $600
Hard Armour (metal gear) $700 Full hard armour made from metal & ceramic composites. Good protection (AR 7) but falling out of favour as it gives a much bigger signal for geni’s to home in on.
Shuriken $ 25 for 5 The Ninja special
Switchblade $20 Hasn’t changed much since it was invented, small, easily concealable and painful to be stabbed with
Brassknuckles $30 Dirty Harrys friends
Knife $35 Most often sold as survival knives rather than combat knives, but do the same thing
Baton $30 The favourite of cops and Bureloc for when they have to get close
Nunchaka/Tonfa $50 Very popular as they are easy to blag as for self defence or martial arts practice
Sword $100 Many forms and styles, the katana is always popular.
Naginata $100 It’s long and pointy, and going to get you noticed
Sledgehammer $30 Industrial tooling, just quite hard to explain why a 13 year old is carrying one
Chainsaw $100 “It’s for gardening officer” believed no cop, ever.


What for Cost for 50 rounds
7mm Short Lt Pistols and machine pistols $30
9mm Short Medium Pistols and machine pistols $40
11mm Short Heavy Pistols and machine pistols $50
12mm Short Very Heavy Pistols $75
6mm Long Assault and Hunting Rifles $100

11 and 12mm pistol rounds are poor availability and so will be subject to the appropriate cost modifiers to get hold of them.

Sample Guns

It wouldn’t be a cyberpunk game without some gun pictures and stories.

Light Autopistol : Teen Dream 2000 : $100
pst-lt.gif Typical of the light pistol “polymer one shots” made of plastics and composites in all sorts of garish colours and styles (old style mauzers or buck-rogers raygun styles available). The light round makes them easy to aim, but as the name implies, reliability is terrible, but they’re cheap, so popular.
Fletchette Gun : Malorian Arms Heavy Fletvhette Gun : $600
pst-fte.png Firing a single 4mm dart at over 1700 feet per second the MA Heavy Fletchette pistol is a classic that has remained a strong seller since it was introduced in 2020. Using liquid propellant ($50 for 200 shots) it comes from the factory with a safety interlock requiring either an interface plug or a special wristband (supplied), making it very popular as a home defence weapon for people who are afraid their children might pick it up. Less popular with the Juve community to its size and cost, but known to be deployed by corporate capture teams using special drug carrying fletchettes. A fully automatic version is known to exist, but despite Malorian attempting to challenge the ruling is was ruled illegal with all other automatic weapons
Medium Autopistol : Colt Alpha-Omega 3000 : $300 (basic edition)
The 9-10mm “medium” market is coming back into fashion has the heavier body armour is becoming less prevalant, more comfortable and accurate than heavier pistols this calibre is often seen as sidearms. Colt is smarting that the H&K USP managed to displace it for the contract for US special forces sidearms in the last round of trials. However, while the A-O may have lost that, it is selling very well in the Corpsec, Police and civil markets due to the upgraded model with under barrel tactical add-on.
Police and Corpsec like to mount laser sights ($200) or tactical flashlights ($100).
The self defence marketing is a 20 shot gun-cam ($150). (WORM Storage can only be fitted at a police/Corpsec station, costing $50). Footage from a camera (with the tamper seal intact) is fully legitamate for self-defence claims in a court.
The most recent addon, which is proving extremely popular with security personnel is a codegun barrel, allowing for rapid engagement of real or virtual targets ($500)
Heavy Autopistol : Militech Naga : $500
pst-hvy.gif While not illegal yet, pistols of this calbre are restricted items and leave a paper-trial. The Naga is typical of a whole line of firearms designed as side arms and backup weapons with enough stopping power to penetrate body armour. A second edition of the naga has an integrated laser sight (and generally costs an extra $250)
Very Heavy Autopistol : Militech Hammerpunch : $800
pst-vhvy.png The top end of non-enhanced pistol damage, the 12mm autopistol was a 2020 staple. Recoil from these beasts causes accuracy to suffer which is one of the reasons for falling out of favour. Still the Hammerpunch lives up to its name, and leaves bloody big holes in people, even if they are packing armour. Marketed elusively at the military and Corpsec they are pretty hard to get hold of.
Light Machine Pistol : Arasaka Uzun : $500
smg-lt.gif Illegal, but pistols like this were manufactured in sufficient quantities that they are still within the reach of juves and street thugs. The Arasaka take on the uzi was sold to housewives across the nation for home defence. Like the Israeli weapon they ripped off this thing is the definition of “spray and pray”, but on the juve level, having one of these makes you king of the hill
Medium Machine Pistol : Arasaka M200 : $500
smg-med.gif Now we are getting more buiness like. The M200 borrows a lot of H&K designs to to give a good punch in a small frame. The forgrip allows for 2 handed operation and some models come with collapseable stocks. The overall short nature of the weapon and it’s inherent inaccuracy is not seen as a massive drawback as it is most often deployed in close-combat situations for building clearance. The size and weight make it very popular with Corpsec and BuReloc, and Arasaka has aggressively marketed security-chipped editions to capitalise on this and stop other firms (Militech) from cutting into this lucrative market.
Heavy Sub Machinegun : Browning-Militech Minmi 24 : $1000
smg-hvy.png Bearing a lot in common with a small assault rifle, the Minimi 24 packs a massive whallop. Larger and bulkier, it is often a primary weapon of a Corpsec assault squad (e.g. where they are coming out for you rather than the mallcops). Primary submachine for the US army due to the interchangeable nature of several parts with the Militech Mk5 assault rifle below
Assault Rifle : Militech MK5 Carbine : $1000
The US Military was finally weaned off it’s love of the 5.56mm round, but only after depleting most of its massive stockpile. So it began to look for a new assault rifle (The militech advanced infantry weapon was a non-starter due to its complete incompatibility with anything else, and frankly it had been a white-dove tender an unwilling army had been forced to put out anyway). The winner of the Field trials was the Militech MK5 carbine, fitting since the most common weapon in US service was the MK4. The basic model was, well basic, but a proven and easy to use design in 6mm caseless that shared a lot of ground and parts with the MK4, yet it was easy to modify and accessorise for the situation, as the 2nd image shows with enhanced optics and an under barrel 40mm grenade launcher. Like any good drug dealer Militech is using the MK5 as a gateway as its one of a family of similar weapons in 6 and 8mm calibres in all sorts of configurations with interchangeable parts.

Big ugly stats tables about all these weapons : Weapons
Combat Rules


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