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Name Price Description
Synthesiser drumpad $200 Plastic pad with drums etched in, speakers with volume control and sound effects.
Virtual drum kit $320 V-card projecting an image of above drumpad into V-Space
V-Trodes $100 The standard V-trodes, about the size of a dime and stuck on your forehead. Numerous styles are available. All PC’s start with a set.
V-Glasses $75 For those that don’t want trodes, glasses show virtual scenes in the lenses while transmitters in the earpieces provide input for other senses.
Synthesiser keypad $100 It’s your electric keyboard of 2027
Virtuality keyboard $400 Virtuality card projecting a version of the above into V-Space
Smartguitar $200 Typical 2027 electric guitar, built in sound effects, controls and V link to separate speakers.
Virtuality smartcards / V-cards Album: $15 Credit card sized V card designed to project something into Virtuality. Video/sound recording (approx 30 mins), a music video or a poster/billboard. They require no player, just access to Virtuality. They are everywhere in 2027 and people are always tearing them in half to get rid of them.
Video: $25
Poster: $5
Brand smartcards Door lock: $20 A cross between V-cards and simple AI’s. They are the same size and shape except slightly thinner and have no Virtuality circuits. Instead they have a limited AI/expert system dedicated to a single function. They are programmed by individual manufactures and cannot be constructed in micro factories. They have various uses and prices and various forms of activation, the most common being to flick the top corner of the card.
Bankcard: $30
4 language translator: $40
Dialler unit: $10
Business rolodex: $20
Personal DataAssistent: $100
Autofactory keycard: $100
Full impact virtual player/receiver $50 The equivalent of a TV/radio/stereo combo. Can pick up broadcast V term signals or play V cards. Solar recharging power cell and standard outlet plug.


Name Price Description
Nightlight $100 If using virtual light is a problem for you as well, the Nighilight’s V- link provides you complete privacy. The Nightlight V- link overrides the virtual broadcasting of your V-torch or V. flash. and instead transmits the data directly to the attached todes. These trodes then broadcast only to you so you can see the virtual light cast by your virtual illumination
Code Grenade $200 When activated. each ‘grenade’ sends out an omnidirectional code pulse which attacks all virtuality software gener­ated within a 10 meter radius damage attack to each. (one use per charge). But beware: They cause V-Trode users within the affected radius some problems (displaced from Vspace for damage in rounds) – these are currently up for legislation and so are currently hard to come by.
Smartcard Nanofactory $1225 This handy luggable device can download virtuality programs from any standard V-term or personal com­puter and burn them into a V-cards for personal use. Used by garage studios everywhere to produce V-albums and the like Materials cost 25 cent
AMU Deck-Pac $1000 One of the sleekest and mast powerful of the current compmods which combines a PC and a cybermodern With touch-sensitive lee reconfigurable surface. V-display. and full phonelink (1000m range) capabilities. 2 SPUs for INT 6.
Reactimesh Smartbags $5 Don’t lose your V-cards or other valuables. Reactimesh smartbags hold them snugly and securely. with no chance of breakage Even spilled drinks and rainwater are repelled by the fabric. which holds your valuables close and tight to your belt
Netlink Wrangler $250 Buy a Wrangler. The hottest-selling codegun ever made has been made better with this is the new 2028 model Yet it costs no more than the original. Your date will feel safe against rogue Als when she sees a sporty Wrangler protruding from your pocket
Pulsar $125 The newest anti-Virtuality protective shield from Telectroncs emits a periodic electromagnetic pulse ISTR 5) To disrupt any V-programs in your vicinity. Simply plug it into a standard wall socket, and set the frequency of EM sweeps from once an hour to several times a second. (Shielding for televids and radios sold separately)
Wyzard Handsystem 3 $500 This unit packs the power of a hardtop computer into a palm-sized dynamo, Includes phone link (750m range to link to relay). full V display and audio recognition capabilities CPU1 for INT 3,
Chameleon Bodysuit $725 Never lack the perfect outfit to wear to any party! Our skintight bodysuit hides a sophisticated virtuality mesh which will cre­ate the outfit of your dreams. and can even display your per­sonal assets without unsightly blemishes or tan lines. Changing clothes is no more dif­ficult than pressing a button’
V-Torches $25 Move about in the dark with complete security using virtual light. Raven’s new V-torch produces a 5-meter diameter static field which detects nearby objects and renders them in V-space for you. Also available in a V-flash model for greater detail
EBMA Enricha Wrist Comp $800 For those of you who want power and appeal, we have the stylish Enricha wrist comp Includes phone link (200m range). plus V-display and key­board INT 3.
Trading V-cards $5 to $50 We have a complete collection of Studio Iron’s newest line of trading V-cards, from Godzilta to the new Virtuality Vickie, Come on in and browse, trade, or buy,
Electronic Finger $25 If your afraid your friend has a practical joke lined up for you, use the electronic finger to activate static fields. The electornic finger uses a very tight EM field to poke into static grids just like a real finger, but keeps you immune to annoying shocks and other inconveniences. Plus it doubles as a pen with refillable ink cartridges!

Image and Sound

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