Law and Order


If its on corporate property then CorpSec is the law, judge, jury and normally executioner. you will get a trial, but corpsec practically runs the department of justice so don’t expect a verdict other than guilty. The police are left in charge of the outside zones, they are much better equipped and manned but now they have escorting BuReloc and CorpSec in their operations. Something even the most hardened cops find disgusting. Most still try to uphold the law and justice but with the ISA those 2 are moving further and further apart.


  • Full Body Conversation
  • All Cyberweapons
  • Heavy Weapons / Explosives
  • All weapons capable of firing on full automatic
  • Very heavy pistols
  • mono-edged weapons

The still penalties coupled with high bounties encouraged most of the public to turn their weapons in.


  • Fashionware
  • Interface wetware
  • Chipware
  • Cyberoptics and audio
  • Cyberlimbs (restricted)
  • Muscle boosts (restricted)
  • smaller calibre Pistols
  • semi-auto shotguns
  • hunting rifles

Restricted requires permits and a tracking device fitted.

Law and Order

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