Living Space

Living space is at a massive premium in all urbanized areas of America, yet very few people want to live anywhere else. The development of the mallplex and other arcology-style communities have made these areas incredibly dense in population. Full-scale arcologies are a thing. Housing has become tailored to the needs of its users and the prevailing economic climate. In 2027, there truly are people who’ll “kill for a really nice apartment.”

One thing that is almost ubiquitous in all the corp accommodation is soundproofing. Living on top of each other puts a high degree of stress on the human psyche, by soundproofing the individual areas (be they coffins, cubes, apartments or terraced houses), the corps can at least give an illusion of privacy and their assets suffered substantially fewer incidents (what, you didn’t think it was for your own benefit did you?). For Outside living its a luxury you pay extra for. Of course the other ubiquitous thing in corp accommodation is bugging – your TV is watched, your net access is logged and there are probably listening devices around to keep tabs on you.


The Bottom Rung

This is the outside poor, or the corporate labour class. You’ll be in a sleep coffin, the coffin is 2m x 1m and opens at the bottom like a torpedo. Low level corporate workers are bunked typically by work area, the theory being you might talk shop in your off time. A typical floorplan will have as many as 50 to a room, with a small communal and recreational area for this room, and a larger one with canteen shared by the whole building. For a corporate, the basic package is usually “free”, and you can pay for upgrades like a TV or radio or netlink in your coffin. If you are on the outside then a coffin is cheap, the quality is lower and the extras may or may not be available.

The Professional

Here you are in the Technician and lower level management budget range. Apartment cubes are pretty much standard: A single 2m by 3m room, with a cupboard and attached shower/commode. Though most Corpzones have special hideaway furniture and appliances, the less expensive Outside apartments do not. A bed and a workcenter or desk is about all the furniture necessary. Storage space is minimal, but so are personal possessions. The lack of any real kitchen is covered by the small refrigerator and microwave in the corner. The people who live at this income level don’t eat, or enjoy what they eat, much at all. Most meals are eaten on the run, or at streetside vendors.

The High Fliers

A real apartment is beyond the reach of the average person. A living room, bedroom, and a combined kitchen and eating area is a lot of space for one person, almost 24 square meters. To get here for one person alone you are looking at senior Technicians and mid to upper level management (corp or Outside).

The Executive

The sky is quite literally the limit here, depending on just how far up the greasy corporate pole. Luxury penthouses, large detached houses with gardens and maybe the private AV pad. If you are playing someone from here get Drac to lend you Chromebook 1/2 which has a nice example.

This level of housing is out of reach of all but the tiniest percentage of outsiders, and almost all of those were very successful Edgerunners now living in Pacifica.


Poor and Professional

Take the apartment from the high fliers, and shrink the main living area so you can put some side-opening coffins for the kids along one wall. Congratulations on your family life. Many Juves from 2027 will be raised in apartments like this. This apartment would be for a single parent or for lower ranking nuclear families (those that exist)

Upper management and the nuclear family

Here is where you actually start seeing a house, small 2-3 bed (think Drac’s house to Glitterhouse at max) houses, usually identical and in rows. To get this you are either looking at single parent who is in upper management / lower executive or an actual nuclear family in the midband. The front of the house will be a drive for the family car while the back will have a tiny garden with some faux-grass. (again, think Drac’s garden for scale). The exact size of house will vary on both wage bracket of the parental unit(s) and number of children. While the example is given for Corpzoners, this is also possible in the Outside, its just reserved for the very successful outsiders, also similar-area apartments exist, particularly in the achologies and mallplexes.

Living Space

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