Name Type Acc Conc Avail Damage class Clip size Rel
Shiriken MEL 0 P C DC1 (AP) VR
Switchblade MEL 0 P C DC2 (AP) ST
Brassknuckles MEL 0 P C DC2 VR
Knife MEL 0 J C DC3 (AP) VR
Baton MEL 0 J C DC3 VR
Nunchaka/ Tonfa MEL 0 L C DC4 VR
Sword MEL +1 N C DC4 (AP) ST
Naginata MEL +1 N C DC5 ST
Sledgehammer MEL -2 N C DC6 ST
Chainsaw MEL -3 N C DC6 (AP) UR
Monoknife MEL +1 J R DC4 (AP) UR
Monokatana MEL +1 N R DC6 (AP) UR
Battleglove MEL -2 N P DC5/DC4 (crush/punch) ST


Name Type Acc Conc Avail Damage class Clip size Rel
Lamilar Sport Bow EX -2 N E DC3 12 VR
Tomkatt sport cyberbow EX -1 N C DC3 12 ST
Lamilar Hand Crossbow PST 0 L C DC3 12 VR
Lamilar sport crossbow SMG 0 N E DC4 12 VR
TomKatt sport CyberXbow SMG 1 N C DC4 12 ST
Lamilar Hunting Bow EX -2 N C DC5 12 VR
TomKatt Hunting Cyberbow EX -1 N P DC5 12 ST
Lamilar Hunting crossbow RIF 0 N C DC5 12 VR
TomKatt Hunting CyberXbow RIF 1 N P DC5 12 ST


Name Type Acc Conc Avail Damage class Clip size Rel
Light autopistol PST +1 J E DC3 (7mm) 10 UR
Medium autopistol PST 0 J C DC4 (9mm) 10 ST
Heavy autopistol PST -1 J P DC5 (11mm) 10 ST
Very heavy autopistol PST -1 J P DC6 (12mm) 8 ST
Malorian Heavy Fletchette Pistol PST +1 L P DC2 (4mm) 25 ST


Name Type Acc Conc Avail Damage class Clip size Rel
Light machine pistol SMG -3 J C DC3 (7mm) 30 ST
Medium SMG SMG -1 L P DC4 (10mm) 30 ST
Heavy SMG SMG -1 L P DC5 (11mm) 30 ST


Name Type Acc Conc Avail Damage class Clip size Rel
Norworlf hunting rifle RIF +1 N P DC7 (6mm) 10 VR
Assault rifle RIF -1 N R DC7 (6mm) 40 ST


Name Type Acc Conc Avail Damage class Clip size Rel
Paintball Gun PST 0 J C None 50 ST
Wrangler (codegun) PST 0 J E DC2 (code) 150 ST
Taser Mel 0 J E Stun 10 ST
Pocket Taser Mel 0 P C Stun 1 VR
Taser Pistol PST -1 J C Stun 3 ST
Magnagrip Towlink Ex 1 L C NA 1 ST
Cyber grapple Ex 1 L C NA 1 ST
Microwave Pistol PST 0 J P DC3+EMP 10 ST
Pulse rifle RIF 0 N R EMP 8 ST
Genius gun PST Var J R DC8 8 UR
Capacitor Laser SMG 0 J R DC3-7 Var UR


What broad bracket this weapon fits under (and thus relevant skills):
• Mel: Melee (Street fighting / melee)
PST : Pistols (Street fighting / ranged weapons)
SMG : Sub Machinegun (Street fighting / ranged weapons)
RIF : Rifle (Street fighting / ranged weapons)
HVY : Heavy ( None / Heavy)
• Ex : Exotic (Street fighting / Exotic Weapon (X))

Conc: Concealability

Basically what you need to hide this in to have a hope of success.
• P : Pocket
• J : Jacket
• L : Longcoat / overcoat / massive dress
• N : Not Concealable
If you have the requisite attire you can make Blend checks to conceal your weapons under it. Note that any weapons hidden as such require a full action to draw.

Avail : Availability and you.

All the weapons have an availability listing for how easy they are to get hold of:
E = Excellent
C = Common
P = Poor
R = Rare

Excellent is pretty well everywhere in 2027 and you would have to be unlucky to be in a mall where you couldn’t get your hands on it over the counter. A bit of looking around may even score you a discount or sale.

Common things you can expect to get access to with minimal effort – its likely at least one place in the mall will have them, if they are illegal or borderline legal its an open enough secret among Juves of which store is likely to deal under the table. They may not be in stock, they may be a little pricier, but generally there are no problems.

Poor is either illegal or quite specialist/niche (LARP weapons would be classed as poor). If it is outside your juves interests they probably won’t know where to get them, if they do know places its probably only 1 or 2 local to them.
Laying hands on Poor availability items is where a lot of Mallbrats cut their teeth.
Poor availability items will probably cost anything between 150%-250% listed price, especially if illegal.

Rare can be legal items that are incredibly specialist (rare books, collectables etc…), but most likely its stuff that is just very illegal. It’s hard to find anyone who has any, unlikely they will have anything in stock they are willing to part with, and very expensive when they do. Sourcing these is how Mallbrats keep score.

Reliability and you

If you fumble (roll a 1), how likely the weapon is to jam or break, see the section in the combat rules:
UR = unreliable
ST = Standard
VR = Very Reliable

Bows?! Isn’t this the future?

Yes, but juves have learned that bows have several major advantages over guns.
Just like now, bows are not weapons, they are sports equipment. This is harder to blag with the arbalest and hunting bows, but much easier than guns. Archery clubs have become surprisingly popular if the man ever bothered to check, as juves have learned that an hour a week shooting at targets can equate to a lot of excuses as to why you happened to be carrying a bow and arrows “to get some practice in”.
Silencers are illegal, expensive and hard to get, while bows are quiet.

So what’s it all mean:

At the end of the day, pros and cons to everything. Bows can’t be concealed on your person, so there are some places you just can’t take them and are going to draw attention, but pistols can be concealed in your jacket and coat. Firearms are weapons, which makes them much harder to little angel away when you get caught, while bows are sports equipment.
Melee is similar – if it’s bladed (if it does AP damage), then it’s a weapon (and in general will add 5 to any little angel difficulties). Things like Nunchucks, tonfa and a tazer are much easier to convince that they are sports equipment or purely for self defence. Monoweapons are a whole additional category of bad.


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